Writing of Blues And Yellows by Billie Marten

This Yorkshire gal has weaved her way onto the music scene with effortless, folk tunes perfect for autumn afternoons. Impressing audiences since age 9, Billie Marten is now 17 years-old and burst into the industry with YouTube videos; she even covered Hall and Oates’ ‘You Make My Dreams’- you know THAT song from THAT scene in (500) Days of Summer -adding her own unique and truly divine twist.

Now you may be wondering why you recognise her name. Well, she played the BBC Introducing stage at Reading 2014; toured with Lucy Rose last year and has recently released her debut album Writing of Blues and Yellows. Filled with charming acoustic songs, this album is a must. With it comes a chilled-out vibe and is ideal- as I have found -to play alongside cooking those first few freshers meals in order to keep yourself calm and sane.

‘Run’ is one of those kind of songs where you need to listen to it just once in order to appreciate it. So much emotion, strength and thought has been placed into the lyrics that you need a moment or two to collect yourself afterwards — that’s when you know you’ve found yourself a treasure. Another personal favourite, ‘Heavy Weather’, thankfully recommended by a friend, simultaneously resonates a spiritual slash ethereal quality and takes your imagination to a whole new place.

So next time you’re walking to campus, heading into town or simply getting ready for bed and you just want to unwind, check out this gorgeous voice and thank me later.

Anika Vadukul

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