Remember Us To Life by Regina Spektor

Our girl is back.

Remember Us To Life is a mix of weird, wonderful, wacky and wonderful again. I feel as though if my life were a musical, her songs would fit in a most chaotic and colourful way- just check out ‘Tornadoland’ -and many of us know that Regina Spektor’s songs are a must in soundtracks. My Sister’s Keeper, (500) Days of Summer and How I Met Your Mother have all featured her vocals. So after the release of her last album four years ago, she has just embraced us with a whole new array of tracks ready for the fast approaching northern winter months.

Maybe there isn’t a particular place to listen to this album, its variety allows you to just go for it; so whether you’re attempting to finish that assignment at 3am or fancy rocking out to something new whilst getting ready for a night out then whack this on…

* cue Shia LeBeouf shouting “just do it!!!” *

The album features singles ‘Bleeding Heart’, a seemingly upbeat track which would be fit for a satirical rom-com, and ‘Small Bill$’, a song great for that super-long lead up to Halloween. You’ll see what I mean. Remember Us To Life reverberates through the room long after the last song has finished, probably because each tune is so different they all seem to mash-up into one long melody. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want that inventive flow of sound instead of constantly having to reach for that skip button every 20 seconds?

Regina Spektor has made her comeback and has proven that she can still produce genius lyrics and sophisticated music.

Anika Vadukul

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