Communal printers: a victory for halls

The University of Leeds has recently introduced communal printers into Halls of Residence.

Oxley, Lupton, Ellerslie and St Marks were the first to receive printers last year. Sentinel Towers, Lyddon, Central Village, Charles Morris and Devonshire followed closely behind, installing printers over the summer.

Student Roisin O’Byrne proposed the implementation of communal printers in 2014 by submitting her idea on the Leeds University Union ‘Your ideas’ page. In her proposal she described how students would benefit:

‘Many students cannot afford individual printers in their rooms….They are also bulky and take up a lot of space, particularly given the limited space in halls. These [communal printers] would make studying easier and with more resources available at our convenience it would allow us to work more efficiently’.

Since their introduction last year, the printers have been a popular addition to Halls of Residence. First year student Mugande Muyoka believes they will enhance her experience in halls, saying “It’s a good idea that there is a printing facility nearby rather than having to trek all the way from Oxley (the furthest accommodation) to the University to print things.”

Residencies are considering the logistics behind installing communal printers in the remaining University operated halls.

Hana Ahmed

(Image: MeetinLeeds)

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