Duke University aims to ‘deconstruct toxic masculinity’

While most universities are preparing for a perfect welcome for freshers, the Women’s Centre at The Duke University of Durham, North Carolina has come up with a rather interesting campaign.

The Men’s Project is a nine week seminar which mainly focuses at ‘Unlearning Violence.’

The program strives to achieve two main objectives: achieving male allyship and questioning and deconstructing toxic masculinity.

The campaign aims to provide a safe space for men to break out of stereotypical expectations of aggression and violence and instil a healthier notion of masculinity. The Duke’s Women Centre opened the project in the spring and since then has had sociologists over to talk about ‘sex, power and violence.’

Sexual harassment on campus has become a major concern in American universities.

The release of Stanford rapist, Brock Turner, 3 months earlier than his original sentence of 6 months led to a major outcry and The Duke University has tried to start combating this problem by identifying exactly where it stems from.

Nishta Mital

(Image: D2Study.org)

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