Two students shot dead after party turns into a nightmare

Two students at the Agricultural and Technical State University in North Carolina have been fatally wounded at an off-campus party, causing student safety to come under scrutiny.

The victims were 19 year old Alisia Dieudonne, who was a sophomore computer science major, and 21 year old Ahmad Campbell, a junior agriculture and environmental systems major. The pair have been described as “actively involved students in campus life”.

Their bodies were found at the scene and were taken to hospital where they were later pronounced dead, with an unknown gunman having opened fire.

This frightening and disturbing act of violence is being used as a warning to universities worldwide to ensure that current safety rules are assessed and implemented efficiently.

In a press release A&T State University commented that they will be “educating students on ways to remain safe at all times” and announced an emergency safety forum.

William Marriott


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