Jodie Abacus @ Belgrave Music Hall, 28/09/16

Providing a little bit of the summer on a cold September night, Jodie Abacus gave a stunning set at Belgrave Music Hall on the third date of four in his first headline tour.

Jodie Abacus @ Belgrave Music Hall 28/09/16Emerging out of the darkness, Abacus started with a mellow love song accompanied only by the hovering keys before bursting into a vibrant soulful set, filled with a level of joy which forced everyone in the room to bop and sway to the R&B beats of Abacus and his talented four-piece band.

Although the crowd was into the music there was a huge distance between the stage and the audience in such a big room, leading to Abacus coercing the crowd to come together at the stage edge on the premise that everyone needed to “connect” and “get happy” together.

Abacus has only released five songs so his set, which bordered on an hour, comprised of soulful new songs from his debut album coming out in the first quarter of 2017. These new songs address themes of heartbreak,

saving the world, and caring for orphan refugees. ‘She’s In Love With The Weekend’ was a definite highlight, the disco coated funk oozed happy vibes even though the lyrics discuss a girl who is lost within an endless spiral of partying.

Concluding on ‘I’ll Be That Friend’ Abacus described how much this song means to him. It was inspired by his friend who stuck by him in his hour of need following a bout of pneumonia, which stemmed from him working two jobs to try and support his music carreer. This heartfelt connection to his music truly spoke to the audience. Dipping in and out of some acapella audience participation, the song completely sums up what he is about – music bringing people together in a whirlwind of sunshine.

Jenny Pudney


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