The Arts Netflix Weekend Watchlist: Vol 5

The nights are drawing in, freshers seems like a distant memory, and it’s about the time that upcoming deadlines start niggling at your conscience. Well, they’re not here yet, so you don’t gave to feel guilty about putting some time aside for a flatmate film night this weekend. Here’s a run down of our Netflix picks this week.

Friday night – There Will Be Blood – Genre: drama

Kickstart your weekend with some period American brutality. Thomas Paul Anderson takes us back to 1890’s America where we follow ‘oil man’ and entrepreneur Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day Lewis) in his relentless pursuit for money and power, much to the horror of local pastor Eli Sunday (Paul Dano). Lewis gives the performance of a lifetime, perfectly balancing Daniel’s admirable grit with terrifyingly unpredictability as we track his descent into one of the ugliest characters in modern cinema. This coupled with clinical and intuitive storytelling from Anderson, with a soundtrack that can only be described as nerve-wracking, means There Will Be Blood will stick with you long after the weekends gone.

Saturday night – Natural Born Killers – Genre: crime/drama

A film as twisted and psychedelic as you can hope any Saturday to be, director Oliver Stone plunges us into a mad, nonsensical and nightmarish America. Not for the faint hearted, or the narrow minded, we follow runaway Mallory (Juliette Lewis) and her sweetheart Mickey (Woody Harrelson) as they splatter their way to jail. Following them is the estranged reporter, Wayne Gail (Robert Downey Jr) hot on their case. With interesting (if obvious) themes of the media’s fascination for murder, Natural Born Killers deserves a watch simply for its individual style, tongue-in-cheek horror, and outstanding performances.

Sunday night – Good Will Hunting – Genre: drama

Wind down your weekend with a modern classic, as well as the best reason to forgive Ben Affleck for his work since. Written by and starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Good Will Hunting tracks underachieving hidden genius Will Hunting’s (Damon) journey to grasp his potential, with the help of scarred psychiatrist Sean Maguire (Robin Williams). Although the story holds potential for too much sentiment, the script is in fact the opposite, offering honest dialogue with heartfelt performances and incredible chemistry between actors. The result is one of the most utterly satisfying movies of all time that delivers every watch.

 Guy James

(Image courtesy of Mirimax Films)

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