Five ways to get fit that will fit your budget

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Not everybody wants to pay £173 (at the least!) to exercise. The Edge can be expensive, and in the age of Instagram, where all you see on your screen is beautiful people drinking kale smoothies and working out twice a day, with abs you could grind cheese on and bums rounder than Kim Kardashian’s, there has never been more pressure to be fit and healthy. Luckily, our Union has some great societies that can help you get the workout you crave at a student-friendly price.

Sport for Non-Sporters


The perfect society if you want to get involved in team sports and exercise, but you’re not quite into the competitiveness of the main sports teams. Mostly, it’s a fun way to keep fit and stay active, as well as the perfect platform for meeting like-minded people and socialising. The membership fee is just £20 for the whole year.

Yoga Society


With all kinds of sessions, from Power Yoga to more meditation and breathing-focused yoga, this society is only £4 for students. Don’t let the meditation side of it fool you though – yoga is a great workout that will leave your muscles aching for days, and will help you become stronger than ever, whilst still keeping you extremely relaxed.

Cross Country


Whether you’re a runner or not, this society accepts all kinds of abilities and is a great way to get into running. You can train as much as you’d like, and membership is only £15!

Ultimate Frisbee


An extremely fun way to exercise. While they also regularly compete at a regional and national level, you are free to opt out of that and simply take part in their sessions only, or even take part in some of their beginner tournaments. Membership is £22 for the whole year, or £15 for one semester.

Squash and Racketball


With a variety of training sessions available for all abilities, this society is perfect if you want to exercise; whether you want to try out a new sport or you’ve been playing it for years. They also have regular matches, if you want to get a bit competitive. Membership is only £22 pounds!

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