No/Gloss Film Fest: Films unlike anything you’ve ever seen

Starting 5 years ago and screening films on ‘a white sheet gaffa taped to the wall’, No/Gloss Film Festival have certainly come far and are returning to Leeds this year at Canal Mills, the former textiles mill. It’s a ‘no frills’ kind of vibe; showcasing raw indie talent from the underground. This year its ethos is about self-determination, unity and positive change under challenging circumstances.

As well as the films of various length being screened over the two days, No/Gloss are offering the opportunity to take part in film panels/ workshops based on production budgeting and DIY distribution. There’s also some amazing food on offer from Wood Fire Dine’s amazing pizzas, and the award winning Manjit’s street food kitchen. But that’s not all they’ve got to offer. Films, food and … beer! The No/Gloss after party will be held at the Northern Monk Refectory the unique, independent brewery company and festival wristband wearers will be offered discounted drinks.

Here’s this year’s official selection from No/Gloss:

Nasty (UK)

22ND OCT. Screen 1, Block 3: 7:00PM – 7:15PM


A 6 minute horror that will chill you to your bones. Nasty portrays Doug, a twelve-year old on the hunt for his Father who has mysteriously vanished. Doug is convinced he’s found the key to the mystery when he finds his Dad’s secret collection of video nasties and he attempts to reunite his family. A whole load of horror is uncovered on his journey. Prano Bailey-Bond the director discusses Nasty: “I’m fascinated by this era of moral panic, when VHS first became available in the home and a boom in low budget horror ensued.”


22ND Oct. Screen 1, Block 2: 4:34PM – 4:44PM


A stoner, a chicken shop and a fabulous array of eccentric clothes: what doesn’t Bossman have to offer? Theresa Varga, the director, confesses “I love to direct comedic and strange films” and this certainly shines through in this quirky 10 minute film. Bossman is colourful, playful and wonderfully bizarre as it follows the story of an inspired, young girl who’s high and seeking the truth about a local chicken shop owner, “Bossman”, and his secret chicken shop plans.

Brainwash (UK)

23RD OCT. Screen 2, Block 2: 4:38PM – 4:46PM


“A group of people head to work, it’s just their average 9-5 working day.” With its chilling music and thought-provoking title, it’s clear this 8 minute short is loaded with so much more than our normal day. Interlaced with unnerving undertones, this piece is impressively written and directed by Hannah Gautrey, when she was aged 18, alongside her studies at Arts University Bournemouth.

Golden Tuna (Canada)

22ND OCT. Screen 1, Block 2: 4:44PM – 4:53PM


Golden Tuna is a French multidisciplinary artist exploring Montreal and its underground music scene. She’s striking, effortlessly cool and has just left Berlin to find inspiration. Golden Tuna’s director Jenny Cartwright has collaborated in productions all over the world and her film Ya Wooto was a hit when it was shown at No/Gloss in 2014. We can’t wait to see more from her.

This year there’s been a huge rise of submissions from women and the selection of films at No/Gloss contain an exciting number of strong female actors, writers and directors.

Gene (UK)

22ND OCT. Screen 1, Block 3: 6:50PM – 7:00PM


Gene presents every mother’s worst nightmare. Emma Wise plays a fantastic lead role in this 10 minute film about a recently widowed mother who discovers her son might be a psychopath in the making… at a mere 12 years old. With the tagline ‘family life can be murder’ we know this film is going to be frighteningly close to home.

Mara Mara (Spain)

23RD OCT. Screen 1, Block 2: 3:39PM – 4:18PM


It’s dark, desolate and desperate. David Aguilar explores the way in which our cultures view death, a place that is seen as impossible to represent, in his 40 minute sensorial and intimate film. A silent scream as snow falls over the night. Two women, portrayed masterly by Josune Gorostegui and Laura López, accompany each other in their final, chilling moments together in a remote house in the mountains.

The list is endless and there’s something on offer for everyone. Tickets are not available on the door, so to get in on the excitement buy your tickets online here.

Eve Newstead

(All images courtesy of NGFF, featured image courtesy of NGFF and Jamie Denton)

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