The Kills @ Leeds Beckett Student Union, 01/10/16

I decided to see The Kills on a whim in July after finding an old song of their’s on Spotify. I had heard some of their new songs on the radio, but knew little of a band who’s two members had been performing since before I was born. October 1st soon came around and I felt like I had disappointed myself by not giving them a proper listen. The venue was Leeds Beckett Union, which I found to be a surprisingly good place for a gig. The room was packed but not uncomfortable, and full of people eager to see the duo showcase their talents.

Straight away it was clear to see Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince have excellent stage presence and great chemistry on stage. They complemented each other perfectly, and the energy they both gave really made the show. They looked the part as well, especially Alison with her leopard print top and leather trousers, and performed like they were born to be on stage. The singing wasn’t always clear because the guitars were so loud, but unlike some of the other bands I’ve seen recently this didn’t detract from the overall performance. The drumming was almost hypnotic, and really brought together the whole act. The drumming was almost hypnotic, and really brought together the whole act.

It felt like a lot of the songs were written with the consideration of being played live, which helped transform the gig into a spectacle. Their set included multiple songs from each of their five albums to date, and despite the focus on their new album Ash and Ice they still played hits such as ‘U.R.A Fever’ and with ‘No Wow’.

The Kills fully exceeded my expectations and left me and the crowd with a nice buzz as we all left into the night.

Lawrence Cwerner

(Image:Rap Genius)

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