The Leeds food industry making a difference

In modern industry, the recognition of the environmental and ethical impact of firms is undoubtedly growing. As consumers, many of us no longer find it acceptable for businesses to exploit natural resources for their own greedy motives! More and more businesses now incorporate ethical goals into their company structures. We explored some of the small businesses in Leeds’ booming food industry, trying to make a difference.

City Junk-tion

This is the UK’s first ‘pay as you feel café’. Roughly one third of the food produced in the world goes to waste and in response to this, local Leeds entrepreneur Adam Smith founded City Junk-tion. Located on Chapel Lane, this cafe intercepts food that would otherwise go to landfill, turning it into to something extraordinary. Since it’s opening, another 30 cafés based upon the same concept have opened around the world! Showing the global interest in ethical food consumption and waste reduction.


Located on Vicar Lane, this independent shop is a treasure trove of ethical, organic and local food, as well as a range of organic cosmetics. Whenever you’re next down in the city centre, make sure to take a trip to Millies to stock up on their veg, supplied from the Organic Pantry in Tadcaster, or their vast and totally irresistible cheese and bread selection.

Honest Edibles

Based in the University Union, you may well have walked past this small pop up many times but never taken any notice. They use only sustainable, ethically sourced, local and seasonal products and the end result is delicious. Whether you are vegan or not, this is definitely one to try – tasty food that’s absolutely guilt free! Honest Edibles use biodegradable packaging and even provide cooking classes for any eager students wanting to learn how to benefit the planet with what they eat.


Both a local Leeds business and also the country’s first organic wine specialist, Vinceremo’s website stocks a vast range of organic and vegan, beers, ciders and spirits. This may sound beyond a student budget, but a bottle of red wine actually averages out at just £7.00. So next time you’re planning your pre drinks, instead of a last minute dash to the off-license, try and think organic!

Grove Café

Hyde Park is brimming with cafes and takeaways, perfect for curing your hangover but this little gem situated on Cardigan Road is all too often overlooked. It has a huge vegan and vegetarian section, meaning that you need feel no hangover guilt tucking into their menu, which ranges from tofu fritters and vegan chicken gourmet curry to their delicious vegan pizzas. All their food is available on Just Eat so you can have hungover veggie food delivered straight to your door.

By Alice Green and Shona Augustinus


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