Superfriendz gig previews

Akala @ Belgrave, 29/10/16

The word Akala derives from a Buddhist word meaning ‘immovable’, and yet London-born Kinglsee Daley inherits quite the opposite connotation. His verbal versatility, insightful intelligence and compassionate community spirit has resulted in Akala becoming one of the best British rappers there has ever been.

Since the awarding of ‘Best Hip-Hop Artist’ at the 2006 MOBOs, Akala has represented the genre inspirationally. His recent ‘Fire In The Booth’ has been hailed as the best, in 2008 he founded ‘The Hip-Hop Shakespeare Company’, and he has constantly attempted to bridge the gap between disadvantaged youths and the music industry.

More recently, however, he has prioritised spoken word and poetry, which he is showcasing at Belgrave Music Hall on Halloween weekender, 28th Saturday October. Expect a live performance too.

Fire In The Booth Link:

James Bate

NAO @ Stylus, 27/11/16

After being featured on the BBC Sound of 2016, London native Nao is bringing her brand of slinky sultry R&B to our very own union. Whilst she’s earned the favour of critics now, it’s not been plain sailing for the singer having been part of an unsuccessful girl group for 6 years and playing the part of backing singer for artists like Jarvis Cocker. Expect to hear the unique dulcet tones that have charmed music blog aficionados all over in album highlights such as ‘Girlfriend’, ‘Happy’ and ‘Bad Blood’ in the Leeds Uni Stylus on 27th October.

Tom Matsuda

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