Campus Watch: Shooting on Pennsylvania university campus

In the early hours of Sunday morning, at the main campus in Lower Oxford Township, shots were fired at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania.

In an incident that has been described to Action News as being one of a number of skirmishes at a concert on campus as part of the homecoming weekend celebrations, an on duty security officer has been shot and subsequently taken to Christiana Hospital in Delaware to undergo surgery to remove the bullet.

The University had hired “a private firm” known as Imperial Security to provide an extra safety measure “for the homecoming festivities that occurred over the weekend”, and a stray bullet also hit a van carrying a number of their officers.

Officials from the University have assured the public that no students were involved in the shooting and that they are safe. Lincoln University Police are being granted reinforcements from the local Lincoln University Police to aid them in their investigation into the confrontation.

Elise Middleton

(Image: Pintrest)

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