With such a strong critical reception after only one episode, and with many viewers clamouring for the next instalment, it has the potential to become as much a fixture in our lives as Game of Thrones.

In many ways, Westworld is very different to Game of Thrones. To begin with, the show is a mix of the science fiction and western genres, which is a far cry from its fantastical counterpart. The park might be a fantasy land for its patrons, but in this world, there is no throne to fight over; instead it is steeped heavily in the science of the future. The shows’ music might be scored by the same composer, but you definitely would not hear old-timey versions of Radiohead and Soundgarden songs in any episode ofGame of Thrones; and while the death toll in Westworld’s pilot episode far exceeds that of the Game of Thrones pilot, death for robots is not as eternal as it is for humans.

Westworld has many of the elements that makes Game of Thrones such a big hit with audiences. Poison and swords are replaced by guns and knives, but the gratuitous violence found in Game of Thrones is not any less gratuitous in Westworld. Neither is the nudity, which we have all come to associate with any show released by HBO. Both pilot episodes excel at managing to be both horrifying and intriguing in their first fifteen minutes, and in true Game of Thrones fashion, the plot is taking its sweet time to unfold.

Sadly, Game of Thrones is coming to an end in the next few years. While we might never have another well-written, intricate fantasy series, Westworld promises to follow in its great footsteps. Even if you don’t particularly like sci-fi or westerns, just remember that not everyone who started watching Game of Thrones was a fantasy fan. Whether or not you love Game of Thrones, I would highly recommend giving it a chance.

Jade Verbick

Image: hbo.com

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