MØ @ Stylus, 12/10/16

MØ’s performance in the Stylus building last Wednesday was nothing short of average. I was not entirely underwhelmed by her singing, and I felt generally OK about the whole thing throughout.

The crowd seemed to be in a relatively good mood, which was damaged slightly by my decision to drunkenly push through to the stage from the very back. After this dilemma, however, the atmosphere definitely picked up, not least because MØ had, by now, walked on stage, revealing her new haircut which was, undoubtedly, the most disappointing part of the evening.

MØ played a safe set of mainly fan-favourites, yet still somehow forgot to perform the track ‘XXX 88’ in the process, much to the dismay of whatever fans she had left after that blunder. An interesting aspect of the gig was that tracks like ‘Maiden’ and ‘Fire Rides’ were given complete make-overs, being given the exact same instrumentation as the studio recordings, but were now placed behind worse vocals than before. Another particular point of interest was the final song, the mega-hit ‘Lean On’, which seemed like it was leading up to something, and then just sort of ended.

Possibly the best part of ‘Lean On’ was the fact that MØ jumped through the front of the crowd towards the song’s finish, ending whilst awkwardly perched on top of the upheld arms of several drunk men.

This was, however, the only awkward part of the evening. Honestly, her stage-jumping during songs was the best part of the concert, and the only major problem during the entire experience was her singing, which was often simplified and removed of any flair which made its studio variant appealing.

MØ was not bad by any means that night, but I still left feeling that it could have been so much better.

Zack Moore

Image: Pigeons & Planes

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