ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Crazy contour and frightening face paint – the guide to Halloween makeup

Halloween week is upon us and every year it’s the one time where you can let your imagination go wild with your outfit and makeup. All Halloween week there are countless events and parties, great opportunities to have some fun, with makeup that really pops! There are lots of creative ideas out there to suit different looks and levels of ability, the possibilities are endless but here are a few to get you started…

The good old traditional, black pussycat is cute but a little bit over-done. So why not go from feline to canine and try out the midnight wolf! This look isn’t particularly difficult to achieve. Whether you choose to use yellow contact lenses or not the rest of the makeup is very simple, using a dark eye shadow and the right array of brushes. Apply your usual makeup but brush dark grey/black eye shadow up your cheekbone where you would usually contour and blend until the line is soft. Then use the same powder to bring a faint peak down your forehead to give the illusion of the wolf hairline. Go for a dark smoky eye and simply use a brow comb to brush your brows up and highlight the bone to make your eyes pop! Finish with a nude/brown lipstick and there you have it, a quick and easy way to a howler of a Halloween!


If you’re a scream queen into blood and gore, this look is for you and is easily achieved with a red lipstick. First apply your usual makeup with a slightly darker eye and a red lip then you’re ready to do the rest! Take a dark purple powder and blend it under the eyes and then take a fine lip brush and set to work with your red lipstick! Load up your brush with dark red lip cream and apply to the purple and smudge, so it blends from one colour to the other. Then draw thin lines down from the eyes to make the skin appear cracked and bloody. You can change this look up so it is more or less severe depending on how dramatic you want to go.


If glam and glitter is more your thing, then mermaids are very popular this Halloween! The look is easy to achieve but the results are stunning! You need to buy some glitter, silver, blues or greens work best, and a pair of fishnet tights. Apply your makeup as usual, but opt for bright eyeshadow and metallic blue or purple eye shadow on your waterline. Then take your fishnets to use as a stencil on your forehead and cheeks. You can ask a friend to hold them steady for you or alternatively clip them to your hair to free up your hands. Use blues, greens and purples to dust over the tights until you are happy with the effect then carefully remove the tights. This should leave a scaly effect on your face which can be fixed with a squirt of hairspray. Finally, accentuate your scales with glitter, which can be stuck on with eyelash glue and you are a shimmering mermaid ready to party on land till the early hours!


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