DMA’S @ Stylus, 19/10/16

The DMA’s have caused quite a stir in the music industry since releasing their debut album ‘Hills End’. They kicked off their UK tour in Leeds on Wednesday night with a set overflowing with huge choruses. The no frills Aussie boys set the tone of the gig as they simply wandered on stage without any walk-on music. The crowd set the standard of the night, going mad for ‘Play It Out’. The soundman on the night needs to have his hand shaken because the levels were perfect.

In true Britpop style, the wannabe Mancunians drain every second of music they can from their set. At some points it gets a bit much and, I hate to say it but, the crowd started to get a bit bored. However, just as attention started to falter they would prove their worth and crack on with another banger. Rather annoyingly, the only song they kept to its normal length was ‘Delete’. Gaining the biggest singalong of the night, it’s bizarre they chose to cut this one relatively short compared to others.

Chat in-between songs was non-existent; I assume because Tommy was in too high to get a sentence out. Twelve songs were played in the main set, and a cover of Madonna’s ‘Beautiful Stranger’ went down particularly well. Two more songs came in the encore, after the band left the stage for all of a minute. When ‘Lay Down’ closed the show the band walked off stage without as much as a goodbye. For someone who likes a bit of showmanship, I was left disappointed. The DMA’s have proved they can play music as well as their heroes, they really need to add a bit of a show to their performances if they want to get much further in ‘the game’.

Ben Roberts

(Image: Music Feed)

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