Is This What You Wanted by The Last Shadow Puppets

The Last Shadow Puppets are back with a Leonard Cohen cover and in typical Turner-Kane fashion of late it is oozing with sex appeal. The cover sticks close to the original with a big emphasis on the bass line and vocals. Where the Shadow Puppet’s cover expands on the original is with their signature string parts in the chorus’ that feel like they have always belonged. Turner swoons over the lyrics in such a personal way I almost blush when he sings “you were the promise at dawn”, and Kane accompanies perfectly with vibrato laden guitar chords. A solo at five minutes mimics that of ‘Bad Habits’ and seamlessly blends into the ensemble. The nearly seven minute cover doesn’t leave you bored for a second, and finishes perfectly with a satisfyingly euphoric ending. A fitting tribute to one of Canada’s greatest songwriters.

Ben Roberts

(Image: Stereogum)

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