ONLINE EXCLUSIVE – Review: Crazyhead

It’s okay.

I was intrigued after finding out that this new series, launched on E4, is written by the same people who wrote Misfits. I loved the earlier series of Misfits; the quality of the acting and the fluid dynamics the actors had with one another made such bizarre scenarios seem believable. However, this is something that Crazyhead lacks. There are certainly similarities to be found between the two series. The same use of the supernatural in a mundane settings that made Misfits iconic is also present in Crazyhead, as is the crude, sarcastic writing style. But, unfortunately, in this setting, it comes across as outdated and inauthentic.

The first series of Misfits was released at a time where dramatic supernatural subject matters were flooding onto our screens, including Being Human, the revival of Doctor Who, and the American series, Heroes. All of these shows shared the premise of people attempting to fit into society, while hiding secret hidden abilities that were only unleashed behind closed doors. This framework is one that has recently gone out of fashion. Although the supernatural still has a place on our screens in the form of series such as Stranger Things and Game of Thrones, these popular shows show normal people fighting back at these supernatural elements in the pursuit of normality. In the present day, this is the narrative that seems to speak to people. Crazyhead instead attempts to reignite a flame that, in my opinion, does not cater to the current viewing public’s needs.

Another issue with Crazyhead is the questionable way in which it addresses the issue of mental health; it puts forward the idea that those suffering with psychosis are able to access a higher, truer, form of reality, with the psychiatrists or psychotherapists painted as the bad guys. Again, I feel this misses the mark when trying to communicate with a present day 17-25 year old audience. But then again, as the series progresses, there is a possibility that this will be explored in greater depth.

I am unsure whether I will continue watching Crazyhead, but it does make for easy background viewing.


Mira Mookerjee


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