Bevy: The beverage butler we’ve all been dreaming off

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The hunger-saving, Nandos-bearing Deliveroo cyclists are a phenomenon of the past. Think more Deliverbooze, and you’ll have the new start-up company Bevy. The latest success story app allows you to re-stock on alcohol by ordering on your phone from a network of off licences, just when you thought your pre-drinks were drying up. Even though the £5 delivery fee may sound a little steep, you can gear up for an all-nighter with the service stretching to at least 6am providing you are suitably conscious to answer the door.

We live in a world of on-demand tele, on-demand food and now on-demand stocked fridges, I mean I don’t think there can be many more apps in the pipeline to satisfy our laziness any further. The innovative idea started catering for the main areas of London, with fleets of so called ‘Bevy butlers’ delivering anything from Stella to Moet within 30 minutes. Now it has over 10,000 users and is set for expansion into Manchester and Liverpool (clearly Leeds just isn’t quite up to scratch, we can only pray.)

What’s the secret to success?

Rival US based apps have been charging up to £30 for a litre of Smirnoff when Bevy manages to charge around £17 for the same product. Not only is it affordable for students but the off-licenses seem to love it to. Since Bevy provides the online technology through the app, it helps to facilitate corner shops who are the last retailers to still be completely offline. The founder Kovar says ‘customers don’t care where their captain Morgan comes from as long as it gets to them’ meaning unlike apps such as Deliveroo that require a variety of restaurant partners, Bevy only needs a handful of loyal off-licenses to function successfully. With 55% monthly growth Bevy is already looking to branch out into tobacco, crisps and of course the emergency party necessities: toilet roll and condoms.

To further add to the sudden hype, many celebrities are keen to jump on the Bevy band wagon. So, if you’re preparing to abandon our beloved Leeds for London anytime soon, keep an eye out for Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing, set to become the brand ambassador and part-time Bevy butler.

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By Zoe Allison

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