Facing the issue: why can’t society accept makeup and men?

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In a world where it is more and more common for men and boys to develop their own style and take an active interest in current fashion trends, why do we still find it so hard to accept that some men want to wear makeup?

For the most part, men who wear or want to wear makeup desire to do so for the same reasons that the majority of women do: to conceal what they don’t like, and reveal what they do. Makeup is, for many women, the ultimate confidence booster – so why does society choose not to offer men the same luxury? It’s time to reject the stereotype that makeup emasculates rather than empowers – and here’s just three products that can help with that:


For illuminated eyes, and dark circle coverage, we recommend: L’oreal Hydra-energetic eye roll on.

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An essential tool that will give you natural attention-catching lashes.

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To combat oily skin, consider My Ego Matte pressed powder, a complete godsend: undetectable on the skin, but with a mattifying effect you soon won’t be able to live without.

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Last week it was revealed on Katy Perry’s Instagram that seventeen-year-old James Charles will be the first ever male ambassador for CoverGirl. The makeup artist based in New York is well known on Instagram and YouTube for his beauty tutorials, and will appear in the brand’s campaign for its new mascara ‘So Lashy’. Speaking to his 700,000 Insta followers, James said ‘‘I truly hope that this shows that anyone and everyone can wear makeup.’


Iona Thomas

Cover Image: http://mugeek.vidalondon.net

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