Depop Hotlist: Vintage addict

If you missed the vintage fair, dont worry, it’ll be back in December. In the meantime, you can grab yourself a bargain on Depop.


Depop is her life. No, literally, her life. She does it as a full time job, finding treasures to sell on her page, from new items to the best vintage clothes you need for your next festival. She sells quite cheaply (rare for such items) and, if you want to save even more than you already are, follow her on Instagram to get a 10% discount. To be honest with you, her Instapage is so nice that it won’t be a waste of time.


Also a vintage queen, with a more retro, funky and colourful theme. She ships worldwide which means that wherever you go, you’ll still be able to get anything you want from her page. Need more incentive? She makes deals whenever you buy multiple items.


New on Depop so not yet a renowned seller, he has new and vintage unisex items chosen with care. What’s great is that he lives in Leeds which will save you the postage price if you decide to meet him in person.

Head over to and make your account to get shopping

Sarah Ashford-Brown

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