Review – Monday Night Halloween Project at Mission

With two rooms of music and DJ sets evolving throughout the night, there was enough variety to keep your interest.

The main room, known as ‘The Arena’, mostly covered chart anthems with some house and techno. ‘The Rabbit Hole’ served as the second room and offered R&B, hip-hop and urban. All in all Mission didn’t offer anything new or different and it felt like they had made quite safe choices with the song and genre selection, but it still made for an enjoyable atmosphere.

The night was complete with spooky décor, and Mission certainly made a strong attempt at transforming their space. With a gigantic spider hanging over the entrance, staff in costume, ghostly figures hanging from the rafters and giant inflatables being thrown across the dancefloor, Mission were successful in making a fun atmosphere for the night. My personal favourite was ‘The Rabbit Hole’, featuring a tunnel entrance and netting covering the entire room, it truly felt like you were entering another realm.

My only criticism would be the overcrowding of the venue, and this was mentioned by many other guests on the night. It was clear to see that Mission had sold well over capacity and because of this they compromised on quality. With people queueing round the block from early in the night and a seemingly endless stream of people waiting for entry even at 3am, it felt like Mission could have been better organised for their event in order to make it a smoother process and a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Overall, whilst Mission might not have been the most ground-breaking of Halloween events and it did feel like they were playing it safe with their music and décor, I definitely would not scrap it from your options for next year.

Clare Redman

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