Review – Regression Sessions: all the icing, none of the cake at Canal Mills

Choosing Halloween events in Leeds is even harder than essay questions. From Fruity to Flux to Triple Cooked or even Pryzm if you were desperate, there was a lot on offer.

I chose Regression Sessions for the promise of the decoration and design the events are known for. A halloween with inflatables, bouncy castles, face painting and more looked set to be impressive.

On that point there was no let down. The DJ decks were hidden inside giant grinning clown faces, with skulls and huge tarantulas decorating the stage of the main room and inflatable aliens being handed out to the crowd.

Devil-style dancers also kept popping on stage for a spin, and the DJs aptly went for spooky fancy dress  as much as the crowd did. ‘Freak Show Performers’ were also bobbing about; the production value for this Halloween Special was high and well appreciated.

Sadly, I either couldn’t find, or just missed, the apple bobbing I saw advertised on the events page, and the queue for the bouncy castle in the cold meant I didn’t get to have a bounce. Those were small losses as Regression Sessions, as always, pulled out all the stops.

In terms of the music, however, I was slightly disheartened. The main room seemed distinctly samey, after about ten minutes there it was easy to get bored and want to head off to explore somewhere else.

The second, smaller room was more upbeat. There was a good mix of Drum n Bass and Hip Hop, and this seemed to make it the more popular room in general, despite the fact that it was hidden away at the back.

To compete with events such as Flux, more prominent DJs on the line-up could have added to the good vibes that Regression Sessions creates with its decoration and charm.

Amelia Whyman

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