Review – Flux Halloween Special at Beaver Works

Flux returned to its beloved home Beaverworks for its Halloween party on Monday, and the highly anticipated, sold out night did not disappoint.

With six rooms to choose from and the addition of a bonfire spectacle, a night at Beaverworks is like no other, and certainly matches the nature of Flux events. As we arrived at the venue I was initially worried by the sight of the queue which seemed never ending, but once we passed through there was plenty of space inside and easy access to all of the rooms.

The crowning aspect of the night was the variety, we could be singing along to funk and soul classics like Earth, Wind and Fire during Detroit Swindle’s set in the Red Room, or to dub mixes by Youandewan in the basement. Whatever you were searching for, Flux catered to it.

There wasn’t a time or set where the atmosphere was suffering, everyone just wanted to celebrate Halloween together and have the best night possible. The addition of fancy dress costumes and trippy light shows only heightened the experience, with very few opting out of the Halloween theme.

Something which particularly stood out for me was the quantity and the attitude of the staff who seemed to genuinely want everyone to have the best and safest night, particularly refreshing at large club events like this.

Even during the chaotic taxi rush at the end of the night no trouble occurred. I would go so far to say that Flux Halloween Party was one of my favourite nights so far as a first year in Leeds and it is obvious why it is such a firm favourite with students.

Alex Coogan 

(Image: Chris Merrett / Cassio Co)

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