An evening with PWC

PWC are a professional services company that is active in 776 locations in 158 countries, 53 offices in UK with 26,000 clients.

An evening with PwC was centred around PwC’s new office building located on Wellington Road. Their new Leeds base has been labelled as one of the most modern office buildings in the north of England, I can vouch for that! Suggestive of the significance of the regions for PwC to move to a prominent location, showing that London is not all that and the regions have actually performed exceptionally well, generating more business than London with PwC having 25 offices outside of London.

What was the evening like with The Times top graduate employer?

I was overwhelmed by the modernity of the office, how can a lift not have buttons, a supposed security measure, as is the necessity for a firm that holds highly confidential information.

We were welcomed by a reception where there was a chance to get to know the other interested attendees- who had come from completely different academic backgrounds ranging from accounting & finance to biomedical science and were in attendance to gain further insight into various different opportunities that PwC offer- graduate schemes, year in industry placements, summer internship and experience professional careers. After we were then invited to attend a presentation, which focused on what PwC is all about. Alongside PwC being one of the big 4 accounting firms, it has a broad range of services, which defies the strong perception of accounting firms involving mundane, “boring work”- the diversity of opportunities are listed below:


Assurance- external audit, acting as an independent body to give a true and fair representation of the financial accounts for markets and investors

Actuary- use of statistical analysis to model different events, involved in insurance and pensions

Tax- corporate tax, indirect tax

Deals- business recovery services, forensic, transaction services, valuation and corporate finance

Consulting– management consulting, economics, risk, strategy and sustainability & climate change

Technology– cyber security, digital trust, data assurance, advanced risk and compliance, technology consulting, forensic data analytics, computer forensics.


PwC’s organisational culture is based on a 5-core competencies matrix of: whole leadership, business acumen, global acumen and technological capabilities. Can you demonstrate that you have these competencies? This is core to what PWC are looking for! PwC differentiates itself from the other large professional service partnerships by emphasising its core focus to be on growth as an individual where quality and value means everything.PwC is the most global of the big 4 and has the biggest audit business generating $15.2bn compared to $11.3bn at EY in 2015.

After the presentation there was the opportunity to speak to PWC employees in the respective departments, gaining some unique insight into the various departments, whilst enjoying a seemingly endless amount of pizza. We were then given a full tour of the office; of particular note was the rooftop with the most amazing view of the Leeds skyline.


By Kieran Savage 

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