Campus Watch: Birmingham scientists aim to create sperm fertility app

Scientists from the University of Birmingham have formulated mathematical equations that will help determine the efficiency of human sperm based on visual factors.

Leader of the project at Birmingham, Dr Dave Smith, said:

“This has the potential to transform fertility treatments.”

Current procedures to determine fertility date back over 60 years. The team have hopes that their equation could be used in a mobile app which would determine a man’s fertility by analysing images of microscopic sperm.

Choosing the ideal sperm cell for fertilisation is very difficult. Scientists currently have to use a microscope to select good candidates by eye, considering shape and swim rate.

The Birmingham team hope that their equation will enable computers to analyse sperm faster, more efficiently and on a larger scale. Dr Smith added:

“We remove the human error that comes from looking and counting them”

In the near future, men could be analysing their own sperm samples. Using special magnifying lenses on phone cameras, men could take pictures and run them through an app to receive a reliable fertility rating in seconds.

Euan Hammond

(Image: CBS News)

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