Campus Watch: Cambridge students reject plan to end public display of exam results

Cambridge Students have decisively rejected a plan to put an end to the “wailing wall” of exam results, a 300 year old tradition which publicly publishes the grades of named students.

A student referendum revealed that 55% of students felt that the tradition did not promote “a culture of shaming”, a criticism directed towards the University by campaign group ‘Our Grade, Our Choice’.

A vote will be held in November by academic and senior staff to secure the result, although it is likely to produce the same outcome.

Many were over the moon with the result: Nicholas Taylor, a founder of the campaign ‘Save The Class List’, said, “I think it’s a fantastic tradition … if you are part of a bigger institution at an ancient university, which goes back 800 years, then your results should be public.”

The referendum has highlighted a deep division within the students, some of whom found the class lists “immensely comforting”, and others who feel that the ‘opt-out’ procedure suggested by the referendum is simply not enough.

Maxime Singleton 

(Image: The Telegraph)

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