Condé Nast turns to e-commerce

In October of this year, Condé Nast launched their first e-commerce site on the back of who formerly published fashion news from the catwalks.

It launched in Britain and hosts 200 designer and less well known brands. Yasmin Sewell is the fashion director brought in to manage the project. Connected to Vogue, the editors now have the ability to link the products about which they write and the reader has the ability to shop straight from the magazine.

When asked by British Vogue in the October issue if this project would now ‘render Vogue something or a catalogue?’ Sewell responded by saying: ‘Right now I don’t think the industry is exciting the customer…she’s not drawn to one brand or person or magazine, so we’ve been looking at where she can find her fix.’

The site is said to revolutionise the way we shop but how will it compare against its competitors?

 Victoria Copeland

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