Depop Hotlist: Sweater Weather

Winter is upon us, and deadlines are setting in. For the homeliest of rooms to hibernate in here are three completely different Depop sellers who will make your room Instaworthy and feel a lot cosier for winter. 

@frenchgreytales has anything small you’d want to make you room more personal by adding a little touch to your desk, bed, sofa or even bedside table. Notebooks, jars, mugs, cushions and even jumpers are sold on the page which also make great gifts for Christmas

@hellaarad sells two key items all uni rooms will benefit from: fairy lights and tapestries. Both gorgeous and affordable, here’s a way to get your bedroom looking lush in an instant! Top tip: she does bundle deals, and Paypal payments will get you an extra 10% off.

@sarora_knots is a page for plant lovers as she only makes customised plants hangers. For some it might be seen like a minor detail, but it will make the difference in the way your room looks and how it feels – it is known that plants improve your concentration.

Head over to and make your account to get shopping

Sarah Ashford-Brown

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