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Since its birth in 1995 Amazon has shook the business world and has revolutionised the way we buy our goods! Everyone knows the name, yet only a few people know its story.  In this short article I will try and tell you all a little more about how a man with a vision for a half decent online book store, managed to create one of the most successful companies the world has ever seen.

In 1995 Jeff Bezos realised that no bricks and mortar store could house the range of books that people really wanted, and so he launched his online store to offer an infinite selection. After initial success, Bezo decided to rename his store Amazon after the river, with the ambition to be the biggest online bookstore the world has ever seen. Then in 1997 Amazon was listed on the stock exchange, yet they claimed that profits would be unlikely for at least three or four years! Indeed profits were made in 2001 with a respectable $5 million dollars! Definitely worth the wait.  Whilst all this was going on, Amazon was rebranded with a clever new logo with the A-Z connection depicted by a single arrow. Bezo also decided that Amazon should become a platform for everyone and anyone to sell new and used goods. This really changed the game!


Under the management of Bezo, Amazon went from strength to strength until they pulled their next big stunt with the release of Amazon Prime in 2005. Prime was a major step in helping those impatient people who couldn’t wait a day for their item to get their way, and to be fair it can be very useful from time to time. Prime also sparked a bit of a rivalry with other firms who were now challenged to keep up with the pace and match Amazon’s lofty heights. Amazon Prime has also gone on to include its own streaming platform and has even produced their own series.

The next curve ball was Amazon’s release of the Kindle in 2007. This basically ruined the publishing industry and threatened the ancient tradition of the paper book, nevertheless a brilliant innovation.  Many new models have succeeded the Kindle, and Amazon has gone on to create various products appreciated by all.

In 2013 Amazon went all futuristic on us and claimed they had begun to work on a drone system to deliver our precious cargo.  As amazing as this idea sounds it still seems a long way off and the delivery driver’s job is still safe for now.  As good as all this is, Amazons latest acquisition is arguably their best yet. In 2015 Amazon announced that the former Top Gear trio would take part in a brand new motor show starting in spring 2016.

That was just a brief synopsis of the major events from Amazons past to present. All of Bezos wildest dreams have come true and his idea for a mildly interesting online book store is now overshadowed by the reality that he is the CEO of the worlds largest online retailer. The future of Amazon is an exciting prospect and I for one look for forward to watching it unravel .


By Sam Bailey

(Images from Business Insider & San Francisco Chronical)

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