Jack Savoretti @ O2 Academy, 1/11/16

Jack Savoretti kicked off his tour last night at the O2 Academy and once again won the hearts of Leeds. Despite hearing many of the new tracks for the first time the crowd found themselves falling in love, moved and inspired by each dynamically powered melody.

With songs which ranged from soulful and dreamy to country-tinged and pulsing tempos, Savoretti took his audience in waves of musical prowess. With one of the night’s openers, he played the album’s title track ‘Sleep No More’ and demonstrated his ability to weave both catchy and soulful into the same impassioned anthem. During ‘Tight Rope’, Savoretti took to the stage without his band of musicians; the spotlight burst from behind him like a musician’s halo while his raw voice captivated the crowd and the room’s acoustics.

His breathtaking musical presence was humbled by his bashful modesty and genuine nervousness, performing the new album for the first time live and delighted by the members of the audience who knew his songs well enough to sing along.  Although Savoretti may seem like a fresh face on the music scene he has in fact been working his way through his music career since the young age of 20. With this time and the life experience that comes with it, he has flourished into the musician he is today, a claim which his latest album attests. An ambitiously talented and wholehearted songwriter and singer, Jack Savoretti is not one to miss.

Mamie Hamshere 

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