LUU Theatre Roundup: Part 1

It‘s been a busy couple of weeks for the University of Leeds‘ student theatre groups. In The Middle give you a taste of our thoughts on the various productions so far.

Theatre Group: NSFW

“Advertised as a ‘play all about boobs’ by director, Liv Morrissey, the intellectual integrity of TG’s ‘NSFW’ was queried, however the show was a treat to watch with some poignant and current topics dealt with in a composed, mature and thought-provoking way. The attention to detail could not go unmissed: multiple flats featuring images of past front pages for each respective magazine outlined the perimeter of the stage of the Banham theatre, and the place was littered with props all perfectly suited to each respective ‘publication’ (from a darts board in the ‘Doghouse’ HQ to fairy lights spelling out “love” in the ‘Electra’ office).”

Flora Tiley

Theatre Group: A Doll’s House

“Characters are multi-faceted and the audience’s allegiance wavers throughout the play. Jess Moncur is particularly brilliant as Nora, whose only constant ally is the audience, and Hugo Jones’s patronising Torvald was met with outrage and laughter from the audience, delivering an especially memorable champagne-infused scene.”

Hannah Evans

Open Theatre: Cloud Cuckoo Land

“Tim McConnell’s debut play is not just an adaption that focuses on birds. True, it is based on Aristophanes’ comedy of that name (The Birds), but the satire is be to found in the optimistic attempt by one ‘lost’ man, Plausible (Jacob Justice), to rule the universe in his own “Cloud Cuckoo Land”. It is about one man’s attempt to escape his native city in search of freedom.”

Jordan Freud

LUU Musical Theatre Society: Turning Thirty
“The melting pot of comedy and darker issues is reflected with the musical numbers, which range from drug addiction tear jerkers to bizarre Kardashian masked oddities. And while a few big west end numbers take some of the style out of what is a sharp and intelligent play, the majority of delicious jazz tunes puts it right back in. The wit and ingenuity expressed in the dialogue and music isn’t wholly present in all of the direction however, which risks becoming one-dimensional at points towards the end of the play.”

Guy James

LUU Musical Theatre Society: Confessions

“At its best, Confessions will have you laughing at its clever jokes, but unfortunately some of its jokes fall slightly flat at points. For a musical with a fairly interesting concept, it sometimes feels cheap when the script goes for jokes and comedic tropes we’ve all heard and seen before. The character Lucy for example, though played impressively by Becky Lyle, is essentially a two-dimensional walking joke whose punchline is “This woman is promiscuous!” Similar jokes cheapen what is otherwise an excellent production.”

Mikhail Hanafi

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