Review – Bored of the Tings (Lord of the Tings) at Wire

After making waves in the Manchester grime scene, Lord of the Tings have tried to conquer Leeds in turn. Their debut last year with Murlo and Deadboy was very impressive, but the late cancelling of their second event left a sour taste in the mouth of many customers. This event, in partnership with Amy Becker’s Acrylic, was their chance to regain lost ground.

Regrettably, the night didn’t live up to Lord of the Tings regular high standards. Amy Becker’s set was reminiscent of something you’d see in Pryzm, which didn’t go down well with a crowd who knew their grime. The mixing of Flo Rida into Acid Bomb, the incredible Garage Skank instrumental, summed up the set. The cross genre mixing had a few highlights, but left a lot to be desired.

Elijah and Skilliam upon reaching the stage though turned this on its head. Picking up where they left off from their famous Jamz nights, they clearly relished the chance to do what old Leeds heads knew they could do, all over again at Wire. The mixes were tight, the tracks as uncompromising as they come. Their performance relinquished what could’ve been a regrettable night out.

Lord of The Tings had a disappointing outing, but this was more to do with their partnership with Acrylic than anything else. Amy Becker didn’t seem to realise what a Leeds crowd, a Wire crowd, an Elijah and Skilliam crowd demanded. I believe when they return again, they’ll set the record straight.

Reece Parker

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