The Arts Netflix Weekend Watchlist: Vol 8

The maelstrom of deadlines is behind you and whilst you should be celebrating, the fact that a giant cheesy wotsit with about the same political skill is about to take up residence in the White House is spoiling it somewhat. Time to click off depressing The Guardian think-pieces for bit, and open Netflix. There’s nothing like escapism, after all.

Friday night – Northern Soul – Genre: Drama

Perhaps it’s best to forget about our friends over the pond all together for a bit. Enter Northern Soul, a film set in Lancashire as two young boys discover a new, energetic but intoxicating world thanks to the Northern Soul music of the 70s. The two young leads are brilliant, and the portrait of working class seventies Britain is also a highlight, but the real draw is the vibrant soundtrack. Keep the faith, people, it’s going to be ok.

Saturday night – It Happened One Night – Genre: Comedy/Romance

If Trump’s going to set the world back fifty years, we may as well reacquaint ourselves with the movies that came out at that time. Better yet, let’s go even further and beat him to it. It Happened One Night came out in 1934, but it honestly doesn’t feel that dated. The plot follows Claudette Colbert’s spoilt heiress as she runs away from her father and strikes up a friendship with Clark Gable’s journalist, who’s originally just in it for the story and the scandal. Perhaps the definitive original romantic comedy, it’s genuinely hilarious at points and very sweet at others.

Sunday night – Belle – Genre: Drama/Romance

Based on a true story, Belle explores the life of a young aristocrat, born to an upper class white admiral father, and an African mother. She is reluctantly taken in by her father’s family and raised as lady, but she struggles to find her place within society, especially as the slave trade continues on around her. Gugu Mbatha-Raw is incredible as Belle, and this important film challenges ideas surrounding race back in the 1700s, and in present day. If you were wondering how art can help with the current social climate, films like this are already doing it.

Heather Nash

(Image courtesy of Stubborn Heart Films)

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