New café to open in Edward Boyle Library

Great Food at Leeds have announced that they will be opening a café in Edward Boyle in early 2017. The café will be on level 9 and called ‘The Book Club’.

Great Food at Leeds announced the news via a video on their Facebook.

This comes as the second phase of the huge Edward Boyle refurbishment. Once this is complete, the library will offer over 2000 seats to students.

The first phase of the refurbishment has been completed and provides 1000 study spaces plus a post-graduate Research Hub on level 13.

In an interview with the Vice Chancellor, Sir Alan Langlands, earlier this year, he said that the refurbishment could mean that the Edward Boyle Library rivals the Laidlaw.

More information on the refurbishment can be found here.


Polly Hatcher

(Image: University of Leeds)

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