Preview: JAWS @ Headrow House, 25/11/16

Birmingham band JAWS are back with new album Simplicity and are set to bring a slice of their Midlands’ vibes to our very own Headrow House on the 25th November.

Having been part of the ‘B-Town’ wave of musicians that came out of Birmingham along with the likes of Peace, Swim Deep and Superfood, the band’s latest album has cemented their own special place within the B-Town line-up. With DIY describing them as ‘fully fledged giants’ and giving Simplicity a raving 4 star review, their latest tour is to be the band’s most successful yet.

Bringing together Cure-esque guitar rifts with an underlying darkness, Simplicity is an established album that sees the band take greatest risks than their 2014 debut, Be Slowly. In the two yearssince their debut, the band have made leaps in terms of their song writing capabilities, while still maintaining that youthful energy that made their debut EP Milkshake so distinguished all the way back in 2013.

All too often the word ‘mature’ is thrown around to describe a band’s progression over the years. However, the band’s leaps forward in their musical ability since their early days playing in minuscule Birmingham venues shows a pure desire to develop and to take a complete mastery over their sound. And guess what: they’ve done just that.

While NME might have said that, following the release of their debut EP,  ‘no-one has ever sounded so much like the internal monologue of a sunbathing cat’, songs like ‘What We Haven’t Got Yet’ and ‘Right In Front Of Me’ show the band to be more of a black panther, emerging from the shadows of the night, waiting to pounce on your – and even their very own – anxieties.

Catch JAWS at Headrow House on Friday 25th November. You can buy tickets here.

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Juliette Rowsell

(Image: DIY)

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