Rivet City @ Manchester Deaf Institute, 05/11/16

If Leeds’ underground scene ever lets you down, it’s refreshing to know that only an hour’s drive away is a city with a music scene as vibrant as it was 20 years ago. One of the most exciting of Manchester’s hidden gems is Rivet City, who supported The Bright Black at a packed out Deaf Institute.

Rivet City are a cross between the laid back funk vibes of Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the rebellious tones of Rage Against the Machine. And it’s this unique blend that is making them stand out amongst the best of Manchester’s underground scene. The Deaf Institute was a great venue for them, offering brilliant acoustics to compliment their atmospheric sound, and an intimacy that allowed frontman Jake Breeze to properly transfer his hugely energetic performance to those loyal fans losing their shit at the foot of the stage.

Following on from the vibrant fun-fest of FT Myers, Rivet City took the atmosphere up a notch.  The five piece from Manchester had a perfect balance, their two guitarists, Dean Hemmings and Dave Harcup, complimenting rather than overwhelming each other’s riffs. Bassist Oliver Pomfret and drummer Jonathan Ibram were notably excellent at keeping the bands infectious rhythm running at full speed. The whole outfit were tight; their singles ‘Circles’ and ‘Street Noise’ brought their best elements together in a catchy climax that meant Rivet City were the band on everyone’s lips when their mesmerising set came to an end.

It was up to The Bright Black to finish the show. Their extravagant image had a few people concerned that their act would be more style than substance, however their full throttle, show stopping performance blew those worries out of the water. And the madness of their intensity went hand in hand with the delightfully constructed soul elements of their promising song writing. Let’s hope these bands realise their full potential sooner rather than later.

Robert Cairns

(Images: Rivet City)

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