ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: The 5 Best Beauty Bloggers

#5 Roksana Janiszewska


Roksana Janiszewska – or ‘Roxxsaurus’ – makes her way onto this list largely due to the variety of her online content. She covers absolutely everything: from makeup looks, to Halloween costume ideas, to Primark hauls. Her beauty hacks are a favourite with her followers, with her innovative and genuinely helpful ideas proving popular. And, as it’s starting to get chillier, Roksana is the ultimate inspiration for anybody wanting to master the perfect autumn look, with dark lips and smoky eyes a trademark of hers. Roksana is great to follow if you’re new to the world of beauty bloggers too, using a good range of drugstore and high-end products with techniques that won’t leave you feeling as clueless as Tai Frasier.

#4 Freddy Cousin-Brown


Freddy Cousin-Brown is perhaps best known for her girly-girl aesthetic and clean cut, all-natural, prim and proper look. Always immaculately put together, with crisp edges and trademark bouncy curls, Freddy has earnt her place on this list for her sheer mastery of image. Her videos, her Instagram, her blog: there is a distinct sense of continuity here, with a clearly preppy trend running throughout. Whilst some of her critics dismiss her as bland or boring, her natural makeup looks prove easy to master, whilst her classic wardrobe is undoubtedly timeless.

#3 Sonjdra Deluxe


Sonjdra nails the ‘glam’ look. From the arched brows to the wispy lashes to the liquid lipstick pout, her looks embody the trope of ‘perfect Instagram girl’. And her looks are all pretty perfect. Sonjdra proves a great ‘go-to’ girl for inspo for a night out due to her sheer talent and the diversity of looks she creates. Furthermore, her openness about eczema and her various allergies earn her bonus points for breaking down her image as a girl seemingly without flaws. She also cuts to the chase in her tutorials where some YouTubers feel the need to ramble on for about ten minutes before even picking up a primer. Basically, Sonjdra Deluxe is a pretty solid all-rounder when it comes to the world of beauty blogging.

#2 Em Ford


Em Ford – behind the YouTube channel ‘My Pale Skin’ – is an inspiration to say the least. The brains behind the #YouLookDisgusting movement, she has amassed a whopping 22 million views on the video which started it all. A figurehead for every person who has ever felt ugly, uncomfortable in their own skin, insecure – i.e. basically every human who has ever lived – Em preaches self-love and confidence. In an age where women can seemingly do nothing right – Em cleverly illustrates this in her video, wherein without makeup, commenters deem her ‘hideous’, whilst with makeup, her look is denounced as ‘false advertising’ – Em is there to remind us that no matter how much or how little makeup we may wear, we’re all beautiful. In addition to this, she’s massively gifted when it comes to makeup artistry, and her looks are easily emulated by girls of all skin types.

#1 Sophie Foster


Sophie Foster has definitely earnt her place as #1. She is everything a blogger should be: creative, diverse, accessible, funny, unique – the list goes on. Her tutorials range from everyday, ‘no-makeup makeup’, to funky sunset-inspired eyeshadow, to looks inspired by album covers. She doesn’t get much cooler. To top it off, you get the impression that Sophie is a genuinely sweet girl – the kind that would compliment your eyeliner in the club toilets. Her awkward mannerisms make her all the more lovable, and what’s more is that she’s a talented makeup artist with great style to boot, button skirts and oxblood Doc Martens her wardrobe staples. She may not have as many followers as Zoella or Tanya Burr, but Sophie Foster is definitely one to watch.

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