Preview: Rock the Refectory, 25/11/16

Come get your socks rocked off for charity! Rock the Refectory is raising money for Cancer Research UK and Yorkshire Air Ambulance, and needs your arses in groove. Headlining are Ginger Tom, groovy, majestic and bound to put a smile on your face. Enjoy the smugness of seeing them before they turn the UK ginger. Joining them is Glass Mountain, sombre, yet like you’re getting a warm, gentle hug from an old friend with a comfy sweater. I’m not saying the band will give you great hugs, but they might give you great hugs.
Their fruity goodness will go to your head, its Citrus Heights! When life gives you lemons, make a band. Ok I’m done. Seriously though they rock, check it. Opening is One Sided Horse. Doors open at 6.30, 25th of November. Rock out for a good cause.

Edmund Goldrick

Image: Meet in Leeds

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