Campus Watch: Cambridge students slammed for holding drinking initiation on remembrance Sunday

We often hear the phrase, ‘there’s a time and a place’ and, evidently, a sombre square opposite a church on Remembrance Sunday is not the time nor the place to hold a noisy, boozy sports initiation.

The incident took place outside Great St. Mary’s Church on Remembrance Sunday, wherein a Cambridge University sports society proceeded to loudly perform star-jumps and push-ups, bedecked in fancy dress.

An elderly gentleman reportedly asked the students to stop, pointing out that it was not appropriate behaviour.

The sporting society, named ‘The Kangaroos’, are said to have been ‘soaked in alcohol’ by one witness, whilst another claimed to have seen one student with ‘vomit on his arm’.

A spokesman for Cambridge University has said ‘The University and its colleges expects all members of its community to treat people with respect, courtesy and consideration at all times. If members’ behaviour have fallen short of these values, appropriate action will be taken.’

Serena Smith

(Image: Huffington Post)

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