Campus Watch: Pennsylvania use puppies to combat post-election distress

The University of Pennsylvania has provided emotional support puppies, colouring books and chocolate for devastated students after Trump’s victory in the race for presidency.

Daniel Trancredi from the University told The College Fix: “There were actual cats and puppy” which were used as calming influences for the students. He went on to say “there were pieces of paper available with black and white printed designs on them for students to colour in”.

The professors even cancelled lectures and turned the timetabled lessons into “safe spaces where students could freely express their concerns for the future”, which were reported to be extremely anti-Trump.

Shock and sadness were reflected in Tancredi’s comments when he stated that the animals and chocolate were used as an “escape from the reality of the election results”.

Donald Trump’s victory came as a huge shock, with Hillary Clinton being tipped to be the next president and first ever woman in the role.

With Trump’s win affecting students at University of Pennsylvania in such an extreme way, Tancredi claimed he was worried for the well-being of his fellow students. If they reacted like this to an election, he asked, “what is going to happen when they directly face difficulties in the real world?”.

Faith Dunne

(Image: Forbes)

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