Review – Good Life: The Deep Sea Dance Off

Despite being only their 3rd Birthday, Good Life have carved an impressive reputation.

Getting out of the Uber at Beaverworks, a crowd of sparkly underwater creatures invaded the streets, waiting to enter the themed ‘Deep Sea Dance Off’.  The crowd’s effort complimented the décor, striking from the second we entered the venue.

We tumbled into the main room, and within seconds were approached by an LED jellyfish and a shaman clasping a Poseidon in his fist.  They danced around us tribally as if to welcome us into their world. The interactive performers that Good Life often have bubbling around their events create an almost magical and festival-esque atmosphere.

The venue seemed a little sparse at first, especially considering our late arrival of 2am. Despite this, it took only an hour for each room to have its own unique vibe; perfect for someone who enjoys floating around and hearing a bit of everything. The line-up consisted primarily of Zed Bias, Bradley Zero and Trim. The variation of music, particularly in the warehouse, suited the under-water theme as bubbly, native sounds echoed around the room.

The commitment to décor didn’t stop inside the venue – a humungous inflatable octopus’ tentacles clasped its hold around the massive marquee in the outside area. People huddled under the marquee chatting and drinking, clearly unfazed by the rainy weather. The infamous Beaver Works bonfire was also in full swing, yet Good Life provided a new spin on the tradition. Men dressed in full orange misfit style jumpsuits hovered around, throwing logs into the fire and keeping it alive.

The night drew to a close at 5am as the last remaining ravers were escorted out of the venue, reluctant to end what was a successful night. Although Good Life has only been a feature of the city for a short time, it has left its mark on Leeds, never failing to provide a sell-out night. Good Life is rapidly spreading the good vibes across many UK student cities, for example its upcoming event in Exeter. I’m already looking forward to the next one in Leeds – see you there.

Izzi De-Rosa


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