Tom Odell @ O2 Academy, 08/11/16

Dreamy – this is how I would sum up Tom Odell’s latest stint at the O2 Academy.

It’s uncommon for an artist to maintain consistency over the quality of their performance during a concert- usually there will be standout pieces and the rest fades into ‘filler’ tracks. However, I can safely say that Odell’s set was impeccable from the jubilant abandonment of opener ‘Still Getting Used to Being On My Own’, through until the energetic closer ‘Magnetised’.

He is one of those rare artists whose music is better heard live than encapsulated in studio form. Perhaps this is due to the nature of his sound; the opportunity of a live performance enables the raw emotion, beauty and musical skill to be fully brought to life. Credit must also go to Odell’s band who, rather than overshadow his performance, enhanced his melodies to give them a fuller sound.

It’s always enjoyable to watch an individual or band grow and develop as an artist on stage. When I first saw Tom Odell live, he headlined Brownstock Festival 2013, seeming shy and somewhat lost despite giving a good performance. Three years later, his set has become more polished and Odell himself seems far more comfortable and engaging on stage.

If nothing else, the concert served as a form of escapism from a certain American political monstrosity that developed later that night. But I digress.

Ultimately, If you’re someone who appreciates the simple beauty of a good voice and piano melody, then I strongly recommend you take up the chance to see Tom Odell perform his work live.

Clare Redman

(Image: The Telegraph)

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