Toxic Trump

After the world was left rightly distraught on Tuesday night at the thought of the racist, sexist and misogynistic pig that is Donald J. Trump becoming President of the United States of America. Masses of people lined the streets across the US in key cities like Chicago, Washington DC and New York to protest their disgust and disdain for a democratic system that has let democracy down. To be quite honest, the very fact that Trump even managed to run is astounding. As far as I’m concerned, his leadership will be justice well served for the naivety and absolute stupidity displayed by loyal Trump supporters in actually agreeing with, and supporting, his disgustingly backward views.

The ideology of bigotry and hate Donald Trump has promoted throughout his campaign merely increased the number of minority citizens, students and devoted Clintonites seen protesting to show the new president-elect he would face substantial difficulties in uniting the nation he has single-handedly divided. This is a nation re-living the clashes of the Civil Rights era, with open endorsements from the Ku Klux Klan throughout the campaign due to the plethora of hateful comments, and appalling behaviour, Trump has demonstrated. The momentous first series of riots on election night saw A-List celebrity, Lady Gaga, taking to the streets of New York in a sanitation truck she commandeered outside Trump Towers. She and a large group of protestors managed to completely quarantine 5th Avenue, the place of residence of the disease that is going to be in control of the most powerful country in the world, to show him that ‘LOVE TRUMPS HATE’ and to make him totally aware that, even though he won the electoral college, he is by no means the president of the people. New York was not the only key city overtaken by protestors; Atlanta, for one, was mobilised against the President-Elect by the LGBT community, Los Angeles saw Clintonites united in chants of ‘Hey, Ho, Donald Trump has got to go’, and Washington D.C saw thousands of students walk Martin Luther-King’s famous stretch to the White House to pray outside, burn effigies of the President-Elect and call for reversal of the election decision. Physical protest was not the only action of the night; stars Miley Cyrus, Eva Longoria and Robert de Niro, to name a few, all took to social media to express their utmost regret and sadness at Trump’s victory.

Now, clearly Donald Trump will struggle to ‘”be the president for all Americans”’, as he proclaimed in his victory speech, because 60,981,118 people who voted for Clinton already hate his guts and have no respect for or loyalty to their soon to be Commander-in-Chief. I think it will be very interesting in the coming months leading up to Trump’s inauguration to see what happens in American society and politics because, realistically, who’s going to settle for the orange and unqualified bed and breakfast combo as the leader of the world’s largest power?

Lauren Walker
(Image courtesy of Dominick Reuter)

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