Review – Sadar Bahar at Hifi

Whether it was the gruesome weather or the fact that we are being catapulted towards the end of first semester, there was definitely something in the air on the evening of the 19th November. It felt like the entirety of the Leeds student body was out on Saturday night, many of whom had set their sights on Chicago born and raised Sadar Bahar at Hifi. The event sold out the morning of the event, which caused the typical deluge of ticket requests on the event page and a slight sense of competitiveness in the long queue snaking around the corner outside the club.

Once you were eventually jostled down the stairs, you were met with a different layout to what was expected. The stage on the right hand side was occupied with the decks being handled by the majestic Bahar, and the busy crowd all faced towards him in an almost gig like manner. The irritating din of chatter was a consistent backdrop of the evening, but luckily after grabbing a drink and finding a more spacious spot on the dance floor you could start to ease yourself into the evening.

The music thankfully saved the day. Bahar’s years of experience shone as he played great track after great track with a huge grin plastered on his face. A personal favourite was when ‘Soul Searching’ noticeably lifted the spirits of the crowd, making everyone throw their hands in the air. There is always the risk with the ‘One Night With’ events that the crowd gets a little disillusioned with the DJ, but he managed the tricky task of keeping the atmosphere consistently high. We all owe a big thank you to his mum for having bought him his first Technics turntables back in the 1970s.

Maddie Davison


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