A Close Shave: The definitive list of best musical hairstyles

Some hairstyles are so iconic that they can transform into the most recognisable aspect of a person’s style. And musicians just so happen to have some of the most iconic of them all. It’s a tough task to choose only a few of these amazing barnets, but listed below are a handful of the first and best that come to mind.

But, of course, we shaved the best ’til last…

1. Alex Turner
Over the past decade, the hair of Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner has been in constant evolution. His insanely cool style has transcended everything from Beatles bouffant to surprisingly lustrous long locks. Often, the first thing that comes to mind is that 50’s quiff, synonymous with the classic rock n’roll style of AM. Yet this slicked back style has gradually loosened following the release of The Last Shadow Puppets’ second album, Everything You’ve Come to Expect. Apparently, Alex Turner cannot have a single iconic look, rather a series of effortless styles he somehow manages to pull off.


2. Joan Jett
Favourite of Mighty Boosh star Noel Fielding, Joan Jett’s iconic hair undoubtedly cements her as one of the original cool girls. Officially named a ‘shag’, this style is choppy, grungey and suitably jet black. If a hairstyle could encapsulate the punk rock the Runaways then this is it, particularly when it is paired with the white blonde feathery hair of band mate Cherie Currie.



3. Paul Weller
Since The Jam, it is easy to distinguish that Paul Weller has a unique hair style; spikey at the top, short fringe with longer hair down by the ears. Of course what I’m describing here is more commonly associated with the ‘mod’ look, as Weller’s hair was so iconic it became the style of an entire subculture. Often donned the ‘modfather’, it’s no surprise that Weller’s hair has been replicated by the likes of the Gallagher brothers and Bradley Wiggins.

Amy Winehouse - Shepards Bush Empire - Photo By Chris Christoforou - 28.05.2007
Amy Winehouse – Shepards Bush Empire – Photo By Chris Christoforou – 28.05.2007

4. Amy Winehouse
Amy’s beehive is unquestionably one of the most iconic hairstyles of all time. Winehouse’s hair is an ode to her love of 60’s girl groups, a style that is particularly reminiscent of bands such as The Ronnettes and The Shangri-las, from which she also took that dramatic eyeliner. Amy Winehouse owned this style in a way that reinvented what is essentially an imitation, yet the look is so recognisable that can only ever be associated with the legendary singer.


5. Robert Plant

You can’t continue the list of music’s most iconic hair, without paying homage to Robert Plant. His corkscrew curls became the look of 70’s rock n roll, but with a hippified twist, suiting the sound of the legendary Led Zeppelin. Just like his voice, Plant’s unruly coils of hair remain just as extraordinary as they were in the late 60s, even now at the age 68 of we are still left wondering  “how does he get it to look so effortlessly cool?”


6. Tina Turner
There is only one appropriate way to describe Tina Turner’s hair: ‘Simply the Best’. It doesn’t matter that Tina often wore wigs when performing as, just like her voice, this mane of a style is powerful and fierce.  The look that was debuted in the era of ‘Proud Mary’ will indefinitely be considered iconic, and the signature look of one of the greatest voices in music.


Collated by Phoebe Berman

(Image: Pintrest)


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