Review – ALTER w/ Lucy at Wire

Coming from the depths of Berlin’s techno scene, Stroboscopic Artefacts label boss Lucy made it to Wire on Saturday to provide dance lovers with over 3 hours of sweat filled techno heaven. Thanks to ALTER, Leeds again was infused with the Berlin club atmosphere.

Starting with ALTER’s resident Animist, the crowd was warmed up with dark and tripping techno before the decks were handed over to Italian Luca Mortellaro, who immediately got the crowd’s full attention. Though Wire was not too busy, probably due to other highly anticipated events happening on the same evening, Lucy still was able to create a magical atmosphere on the dance floor.

Lucy’s known for his ability to enhance danceable techno with experimental elements. He tested the crowd’s mood, dropping some exceptional tracks such as his own ‘Stanford Prison‘ and Stanislav Tolkachev’s ‘Like No One is Watching‘. Continuing with stomping, booming techno gems, he returned to mysterious vocal tracks with hypnotic kicks leading to atmospheric build ups.

However while the headliner was promoted to play a full 4-hour long, extended set, Lucy stopped around 5.20 a.m. after little more than 3 hours, which was a big shame for those clubbers still standing.

Nonetheless, ALTER proved on Saturday night that Wire really is the spot in Leeds for techno.

Peter Lell


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