ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: How to do a fashion don’t

A few years ago, wearing double denim or black and blue was considered a fashion crime. But there’s a revolution in fashion. It’s no longer as strict as it used to be and those fashion don’ts are actually great opportunities to be creative.

Navy blue and black

Navy blue and black can be two challenging colours to pair but it’s not impossible. You can pair a navy top with black jeans or simply wear black tights with your navy dress. Black flats are also an easy way to sneak black into a navy outfit.


Double denim

Some say that doubling up your denim is unacceptable but it can happen if you follow this simple rule. Make sure that your denims are of different shades; that way you avoid the fashion crime but still wear double denim impeccably. And if Gigi wears it, so should you!


Mixing prints

Do you remember a time when wearing different prints together was a no-no? Forget those times. It’s now on trend and you can brave it if you try. To begin with, mix a soft print with your printed trousers.


Andrea Manouchou

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