Yeezy for President 2020: should one man have all that power?

The year’s 2020. Trump’s first term as President has come to an end, and the world is somehow still in one piece. So, who is left to run the glorious, super-sized, gun-toting collection of America’s 50 states?

Well according to the internet, the presidential race will consist of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and our very own light in the darkness… yes, Kanye West. Around this time last year at the VMA’s, the fountain of knowledge announced a 2020 presidential run, and has reiterated this goal in a recent BBC interview. It seems that Life of Pablo isn’t our Yeezy’s’ (I’m going to have to stop calling him that) only huge goal in life.

To most, this might not seem like anything. But I want to make sure you all fully understand an Oval office with Kanye in it. To me, there is one glaring issue with Kanye being in Washington DC, and it’s titled “Keeping Up with the Kardashians: White House edition”. I can just imagine Kylie revealing state secrets so her mum will let her turn the White House garden into a golf course (something similar has occurred before). Apart from having the Kardashian’s in the White House, we have to realise… Kim would be the first lady. Try and deal with that.

I would also find it fairly surprising if he got into office at all (unsurprisingly), as, whilst on tour, he stated he didn’t even vote. Nice one, Kayne mate. And apparently ‘if’ he did he would have voted for Trump. This tells me a Yeezy presidency would be eventful to say the least.

Something else worth considering: would we still get Kayne’s sick beats if he was in the oval office? I’d guess no, or his tracks would start becoming less about relations with Taylor Swift, and more about relations with Putin. Bound 3 anyone? Knowing Kanye, he wouldn’t need to get someone like Jay Z to play at his rallies. He’d do it himself, swearing and vulgarity intact.

Not to mention, Kanye’s policies would be a sight to behold. Maybe he’d take the same stance to AIDS he took in 2005? He’d obviously want to stop governments of the world over placing this ‘man made disease’ in poverty stricken countries… yep.

The whole ordeal is something rather strange. But if we have businessmen running for president (and winning), why would it be weird for musicians with no political experience and, let’s be honest, a few less brain cells than most, to run for president? In Kanye’s case, I think it’s because he himself has become a bit of a joke, and thus his idea of running for president is too. Considering he has also not followed up his idea with any media outlet, I’m inclined to believe the whole thing may have been a publicity stunt for Kanye, which wouldn’t be surprising.

I feel safe in the assumption that Kanye will not run for president anytime soon, making Trump America’s biggest problem for the next four years.

Will Nelson

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